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What is HATEL?



HATEL is a dynamic fast developing Service Provider engaged in the provision of high quality Network Deployment and Integration Services to Mobile & Fixed Network Operators and Suppliers.

It has strong presence in most of Greek Operators offering implementation and support services, via its partnership and cooperation with leading telecommunications equipment suppliers.

List of end customers of its services includes brandnames like Vodafone, Wind, Q Telecom, Cosmote, OTE, Tellas, ON Telecoms , HOL and CYTA Hellas.



Our Company


Company quite often participates in international projects for operators of neighboring countries such as Albania, Romania, Malta and Cyprus. International projects so far refer to Vodafone Albania, AMC, Rom Telecom, CYTA and GO Telecom.

Since its establishment, HATEL is a preferred Service Provider of ERICSSON AB possessing high level of competence in various types of telecommunications equipment offered by this leading supplier. Core, Access & Transmission network are areas of proven track record. Confidence and experience in AXE core switches equipment is quite strong.

Organisation handles MARCONI transmission equipment with exceptional convenience. Since the incorporation of MARCONI in ERICSSON AB HATEL has steady presence in networks deployment, contributing considerably to the modernization of local transmission networks both of OTE and alternative fixed telecommunications operators, aiming to the introduction of fast internet networks all over Greece. Expertise includes all forms of equipment both low end platforms dedicated for customer direct access such as DSLAM/MSAN systems, and middle level nodes such as SDH.
Remarkable is its presence in DWDM platform which represents ERICSSON high end solution for 10Gbit connections serving needs of back bone networks.

Services are also offered for CISCO, JUNIPER and REDBACK networking equipment including both routers & switches. At an acceptable level is also its competence in ALCATEL Mini Links.

Knowledge is possessed for both DC & AC Power systems focusing mainly in the systems commonly met in IT and Telecom market. Implementation, management and support of 48V DC Power systems, batteries, generators, and inverters may be applied upon request. There is proven experience in EMERSON ENERGY power equipment as well as OERLICON & VARTA batteries, widely met within local telecommunications operators' infrastructure.



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