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Transmission Network Competence


Competence extends to Ericsson (former Marconi) Transmission Network HW portfolio, as well as Juniper, Cisco and Redback transmission HW solutions. More detailed services offered are:

  • HW Dimensioning of transmission network elements including ordering of new equipment or indicating expansion steps, based on customer needs and available product package descriptions. Particular services are available for Ericsson Transmission HW Platforms such as MSAN, SDH, DWDM.

  • Installation Engineering consisting of designing implementation details, ordering of site material and provisioning of necessary studies for proper node implementation. Service is applicable for all sorts of Ericsson, Juniper, Cisco, Redback Transmission HW.

  • Installation Services, for all sorts of equipment. Both standalone nodes and roll-out services are possible through joint-ventures with business partners. HATEL may offer a number of flexible well educated teams of individuals able to install nodes with all necessary quality specification both at raised floor and overhead environments.

  • Preparation of Databases and Node profiles for MSAN systems based on customer requirements.

  • Node Commissioning and Acceptance, including initiation of nodes and delivering them ready for acceptance from end customer.

  • Rerouting of traffic in cases of network modernization projects.


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