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Testing Instruments


HATEL possesses an extensive list of both handheld and lab oriented testing equipment sets. Equipment is used for transmission and access equipment qualitative tests.

Access testing equipment include instrument able to face demand for DSL-based broadband access. Low end machine list include also communications performance analyzers supporting comprehensive functional test and jitter capability for PDH, SDH and ATM networks or network equipment till STM-1 both electrical and optical type.

More enhanced equipment may offer a full suite of SDH, next-gen SDH and Ethernet testing capabilities meeting all multiservice transport network testing needs. Available instruments include network testers able to support testing rates of up to 10 Gbit/s for both SDH and Ethernet (including 10 Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN). Particular ehhanced machines are ideally suited for ROADM network deployments as well as maintenance activities.

Optical Spectrum Analysis Application is the ideal single solution for facilitating accurate and efficient channel management, power balancing and tuning throughout the network. The OSA application lowers DWDM installation and maintenance costs by providing industry leading spectral analysis of system critical parameters.

Hatel possesses latest technology Optical Spectrum Analysers able to select channels, detect and drop any channel from a DWDM system for further analysis with SDH or Gigabit Ethernet Application. HATEL OSAs' quality guarantee accurate power and wavelength measurements in all conditions without any user calibration.

Due to the availability of large number of testing equipment HATEL may undertake complex projects demanding simultaneous utilization of engineering teams.


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