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Trainee Program


Aiming to attract talented new graduates HATEL offers an innovator training program.

Particular program provides to young individuals a unique opportunity to strengthen their competence and business knowledge acquiring hands-on experience in real life challenges applying to telecom business environments, exceeding typical university or technical school education.

Program has duration of 6 months. Participants have the chance to follow experienced engineers in their daily activities enhance their skills and finally participate in projects as part of work team.

Training program has as objectives:

  • Acquisition of technical expertise

  • Make candidates able to work under pressure and acquire can-do attitude

  • Get business knowledge by getting to know telecommunications within an organization well placed in local market

Best trainees of the semester are hired by HATEL, based on current manpower needs, while graduates have always priority in hiring list.

People that are interested in joining the trainees program are wellcomed to send their CVs at info@hatel.gr.

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